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BOOKING CONDITIONS SUMMARY CARP CONNECTIONS together with the travel as filed with the Chamber of Commerce in Groningen under the number 020759311. Connections 1.Carp mediates for the customer (customer) when booking a service, which included a stay at a service fee. Carp Connections 2.De towards customer service and bound after the provision of the contract, whether a direct confirmation is given or sent. 3.A (command) confirmation, normally within seven (7) days may be sent to the client, in which case this confirmation is proof of the mounting arrangements described. 4.Opdrachtgever has the option, within three working days of receiving the order confirmation to complain in writing if it considers that the agreed incorrectly shown on the confirmation, failing which the confirmation is proof of the existence and content of the agreement . 5.De Carp Connections client is affecting both the service and respect for all liable for the obligations arising from the services provided by Carp Connections. The other passengers are liable for their share. 6.De client will to conclude the agreement and its implementation required information regarding himself and the (possible) other customer (s) provide Carp Connections. 7.De prices of reserved services under the terms of Carp Connections change. These changes will be passed as soon as possible and passed. 8.Eventuele cancellations of or changes in the assignment (s) only on weekdays and only on request of the principal place. If requested by the client of a cancellation occurs, or amendments to existing reservations shall bear the related costs will be charged. This addition to the monitoring by the service charged cancellation or change fees, the costs are also Carp Connections must make to the cancellation or amendment to create. 9.Carp Connections advises a client travel and cancellation insurance. 10.Alle Communications Carp Connections or service will only be sent to the client. 11.De amounts due within the specified term Carp Carp Connections Connections are met. Carp Connections is necessary power for and on behalf of the respective service (s) to collect the amounts due. Connections will 12.Carp in providing the contract require a deposit. The deposit and the remainder of the outstanding shall, by the confirmation, or invoice date specified by Carp Connections have been received. 13.Indien a payment late or not done, the customer is in default, Carp Connections has the right to charge fees or charging to receive payment (s). 14.Eventuele refunds made solely to the client. 15.Carp Connections takes no responsibility for the acts and / or omissions of the service (s), nor for the accuracy of such service (s) information. 16.Carp Connections is not responsible for photos, brochures and other information, if published under the responsibility of third parties. Carp Connections 17.Voor far not making adequate provisions and the client thereby suffers damage (including damages for loss of travel enjoyment), liability is limited to a maximum of 25% of the invoiced services. 18.De liability for damages for which the customer is assured, as well as liability for damages the customer suffers in connection with the exercise of a profession or business are excluded. 19.Carp Connections is not responsible for any commitments made by its staff and / or third parties which expressly deviate from the conditions or the terms of the responsible service provider conditions, unless such commitments subsequently confirmed in writing. 20.De in this article are exclusions and limitations of liability apply also for the staff of Carp Connections and / or third party engaged by it. 21.De customer should ensure that the room he is in possession of the necessary documents, including a valid passport and visa if applicable, proof of inoculations and vaccinations and the necessary vouchers. 22.Carp Connections will at the time of commissioning general information on passports, visas and any health formalities provide. 23.De client itself to the relevant authorities needed to gather further evidence and time before departure if the earlier information is accurate. 24.De customer who is in default, the legal interest unless the terms of the relevant service provider to prescribe a higher interest rate. 25.Voorts the client is held out for compensation for legal costs made by Carp Connections for collection of the claim, equal to 15% of the claim with a minimum of 50, - euro amount unless the collection activities in mind, is unfair. Carp Connections 26.Op all disputes between the customer and Dutch law. Only a Dutch court has jurisdiction to hear such disputes. 27.Klachten on a Carp Connections booking made within three (3) days after the reserved service or, if the trip did not take place until one month after the original departure date specified in the travel documents from Carp Connections are made . 28.Ieder action shall expire one year after the reserved service (or, if the trip did not take place, one year after the original departure date), or if the complaint relates to the services provided by Carp Connections one year after the service. Connections will 29.Carp its obligations to the customer in a binding decision imposed by the magistrate, if they take this obligation within the period prescribed in the binding opinion fulfilled another unless the binding opinion within two months of the date the advice for scrutiny by the judge's request. For the purposes of this guarantee requires that the customer makes this a written appeal.